DeChart’s token economics enable a stakeholder managed DAO, with 100% of revenues going to bought back DCH from the open market and sent to community treasury.
The DCH token is the center of DeChart, connecting the system and forming the basis of its longevity. One’s DCH holdings represent their voting weight in the DeChart ecosystem. The total fixed supply at launch is 125,000,000 DCH, which breaks down into tokens for the sale, Syrup Pool, Initial Liquidity Pool, Community Treasury, Founder Pool, and Initial Staking Pool. DCH tokens can be staked in the sDCH pool to earn rewards and exercise voting rights.
Exhibit A: DeChart Token Flow Diagram
Initial liquidity of 40% will be locked until at least May 13th of 2022. It is important to note that in order for users to participate in staking, they will need to stake DCH BNB CAKE LP Tokens to receive rewards. Staking rewards comprise of the initial staking pool, which will be largest for early stakers decreasing over 6 months, and treasury when stakers vote for rewards.
DeChart is a DAO with the core product designed to be the data set created by users and governed by users. The self-provisioning tools built to access and utilize this data are secondary to the value of the data platform. As such a 40% liquidity lock up allows for a wider band of users to have input into the direction of how this data is managed and made available to incentivize more developers at the outset, leading to a greater acceleration of data aggregation that is beneficial to the entire DeChart ecosystem.
Exhibit B: Early Staking Pool Emissions
The community will govern the DeChart platform, users will be responsible for proposing additional features and operating the DAO using the voting power of their tokens. The community has been given a community treasury of 13,750,000 DCH.
The treasury includes all DCH bought back from the open market using DeChart revenues from the self-serve promotional platform and other DAO revenue streams. Community governance proposals will activate and Community Treasury tokens will begin emissions starting in Q1 2022 at a rate of 4.16% per month or 572,000 per month for 24 months. Please note the aforementioned figures do not include Community Treasury tokens added from DeChart Revenues, these emission figures will increase. Over the next weeks, months, years and so on we will be releasing new features, supporting new DEXs or protocols and will be exploring cross-chain utility when layer 2 Ethereum solutions are more widely adopted.
Each month for 18 months 5.5% of the Community Rewards tokens will be unlocked and available to be earned by users on referral.dechart.io. The top 15 users who share latest updates and promote DeChart each month will be rewarded based on performance that month.
Exhibit C: Token Distribution
Tokens in the Founders Pool will be locked up for 12 months and be distributed per block via smart contract.
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