How to Stake/Unstake
In order to stake your DCH - BNB Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens you will need to visit the DeChart App and login with a Binance Smartchain compatible wallet.
Click stake in the top right hand corner of the dashboard as seen below.
Make sure you are attempting to stake DCH - BNB PancakeSwap LP tokens, not DCH alone.
If you try to stake DCH your transaction will be rejected.
Once you have clicked stake and have DCH - BNB LP in your token compatible wallet that is linked to DeChart, a staking window will expand on the screen.
Select "Stake" and input the number of DCH - BNB LP Tokens you wish to stake, once you are ready to stake click the stake button.
Once you've entered an amount and clicked stake, your wallet will prompt an approval transaction.
Once you have given approval, wait approximately 10-30 seconds (depending on BSC block time) and your wallet will prompt a staking transaction.
Once you have clicked confirm and the stake transaction is approved, you will see your stake represented in the UI as seen below.
In order to unstake, type in the amount you would like to withdraw and click withdraw. Your wallet will prompt with a withdraw transaction as seen below.
Once your withdrawal transaction is approved, the DCH - BNB LP is back in your wallet. In order to remove liquidity, visit this link to PancakeSwap.
Please be aware that by providing liquidity you are subject to impermanent loss. To learn more visit this link:
Do NOT send tokens directly to the staking contract.
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